Thursday, February 9, 2012

Skye_Evans Rocks Your World

Skye is one of the most popular models currently on MyFreeCams and for damn good reason - check out the pics she tweets out (@Skye_Evans_)!

Absolutely perfect body!
Don't really need to say much about the perfect body Skye is working with (and apparently works on too...not that she really needs to - a few cum shows a day will keep you fit as hell).

This is Skye and Blake - they play together on cam!
A recent development in Skye's world is the introduction of Blake (who is also a MyFreeCams model) on her cam.  Fun times abound when the two of them get together, drink a little wine and start getting naked - although, for the really good stuff you need to be a premium member and go into the group shows (something I can't recommend highly enough!)

When she's not with Blake, its all fun and games - countdowns to get naked and cum!  I don't think I've ever seen her pissed off, although I do think if she could kick all of the Romanians offline, she would gladly do so (also, something I think not many people would argue against...seriously, how many dudes out there want to take a girl private for a "Poo or pee show"?  I guess maybe some of them are OK, but I can't get over the constant "Bayyyyybeeeeeee" with that awful accent...but enough of that already!).  So to sum up...absolutely gorgeous girl with a great personality, drinking, dancing, stripping, titty and pussy flashing, cumming - what's not to love?  I can't think of anything, but you should decide for yourself, and go on over to MyFreeCams and check her out yourself (she's usually online starting around 5pm (EST) onward.  Seriously guys, GO NOW:

Woah...I mean, just woah.  More on her MFC profile.