Sunday, February 27, 2011

GreenSugarr - where's the love?

This post will be a little different - I'm going to profile a model from MyFreeCams who is not very popular, but who really should be.  Let me introduce GreenSugarr:

As you can see, she's quite a knockout!  Tight little body, great tits, and an ass that just screams for attention.  I really can't figure out why her room isn't swarming with members wanting to throw their tokens at her - her cam is relatively high quality, she's chatty (although there is no audio) and fun, and she doesn't beg for tokens like a lot of the other models (especially the less popular ones).  Maybe it's because she's Romanian and isn't the most competent with Engligh, but that doesn't stop most of the other top non-English speaking models.

The time I spent in her room preparing for this review was relatively quiet with both basic and premium members popping in and out for quick visits (most likely looking for already naked models to jerk off to) and nobody stayed around for more than a few minutes.  Since she's struggling to keep interest in her room, I'm not going to give anything away for free here (eventually somebody stuck around long enough to tip and get her naked and rubbing her pussy for a while) but I will recommend that the next time you are over at MyFreeCams, definitely stop into GreenSugarr's room and say hi - you won't be disappointed!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

GoddessZoey - Super Hottie!

Today I present another popular model over at MyFreeCams - GoddessZoey!!

As you can see from the picture, she is a sexy little devil and also quite a little freak!

She's an American brunette with a nice curvy body, large - but not too large (possibly fake) - tits, perfectly trimmed pussy, and ass that likes some attention too!  I would usually like to get to know a model in chat before reviewing her for you, but just as I was getting into her room her tits came out and it was show time!  Check out a few pics from before it got really good...

As you can see there was a nice surprise when she showed her ass - a cute little jewel butt-plug!  And it was a fantastic show!  With lots of premium members in the audience tipping, she kept rubbing her fantastic pussy until she came - and she came HARD too.  No squirt, but you could tell it was real...the area from her cleavage to her neck was flushed and she was quivering for about 5 minutes after - that's the way to put on a show!  As always, it helps to have one HUGE tipper in the audience...he tipped at total of ~5000 tokens in 15 minutes...DAMN, that's some big $$$.  She was almost equally excited for small and large tips too (although its hard to be excited about a 10 token tip compared to 1000...) which is always nice.

Overall, I give GoddessZoey a 9/10...I know, that seems low but it's more an incomplete than anything, I would still like to try and see what she's like to chat with when not rubbing one out and I prefer more natural tits...although she does have GREAT curves and the glasses are super cute (I have a slight thing dark rimmed glasses...).  Oh by the way, just as I finished writing this, she started in on round 2!!!

So what are you waiting for???  Get over to, become a member and check her and the thousands of other models out!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Welcome to all who may stumble across this little portion of the web!

In the posts that follow this, I will attempt to find the best models on the website and write an in-depth review of each.  Occasionally, I may find a model who needs to be taken down a peg, so not all reviews will be positive...we'll see as we go!

 The site is COMPLETELY FREE!!  I would, however, recommend registering a free account, as guests are almost certain to be ignored.  To register, simply click on the banner at the top of this page and find the "become a free member" link on the right hand side.

I would HIGHLY recommend becoming a premium member (one time fee of as little as $10) - the models are much more responsive, you can send private messages and you have access to the "lounge" where other premium members are always on the lookout for hot public shows!